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3 cost-effective locations to place your connected fridge.

Management of the connected fridge
Besides placing a connected fridge in a business with the aim of providing a catering service, there are many other interesting locations for their installation. There is a common misconception that setting up a connected fridge in a shopping mall or gas station is a lucrative choice. But most of them already have vending machines, restaurants, and fast food services, making them particularly difficult places to set up. Below are three profitable and original locations where your connected fridge is sure to generate considerable profits!

Install a connected fridge in a laundromat 

After train stations and airports, one of the places where people wait the most is of course... the laundromat! Indeed, the average time spent in laundromats, waiting for one's laundry, is about 2-3 hours and it is a particularly profitable market, since its growth forecast is estimated at 10% for the coming years. In addition, most customers choose to visit the laundromat outside of work hours, either in the early morning, during their lunch break, or in the late afternoon, which are convenient times that correspond to meal times. Installing a connected fridge in laundromats is therefore an excellent and particularly lucrative idea, given that only 27% of laundromats in France have a vending machine for their customers. 

Installing a connected fridge in a gym

Gyms and sports complexes are also profitable places to install a connected fridge. They welcome many children and young students during sports classes organized by schools as well as clubs for training sessions, but also competitions during weekends. And as many of you know... sports and appetite go hand in hand! The implementation of a connected fridge in a gym is therefore a more than profitable investment. If most of these sports complexes belong to the city, it is wise to contact the city hall directly.

Installing a connected fridge in a fire station 

This third location is one of the most unusual. While most fire stations have kitchens, their profession means that they hardly have the time to cook. With more than 6,000 fire stations in France, less than 10% of them have a vending machine, which is very practical when time is short and everything is done in a hurry. The connected fridge is therefore extremely profitable in this profession which needs a certain reactivity and speed at any time of the day.