Animate the sales of your smart fridge thanks to a white label application!

Pikizy offers you an application to boost your sales :

▪ Communicate in real time about the availability of products in the fridge (ingredients, allergens, nutritional values...)

▪ Accept all means of payment (payment in app, meal ticket cards...) and allow to open the fridge thanks to the application

▪ News, promotions, anti-gasp operations... Write and send promotional messages directly to the user's pocket!

How does it work for the customer?

The user downloads the white label application and enters his preferred method of payment (credit card, meal ticket card...).
The user can consult the products available in the smart fridge. You can write and send promotional messages from the back office.
The user unlocks the smart fridge through the app and collects as many products as wanted. After the automatic purchase, he/she receives directly his receipt with VAT on the app.

How does it work for the operator?

Give us the identifier of your smart fridge(s) to connect the application.
Product information, promotional operations, emailing campaign... Communicate directly in your customer's pocket from a single back office.
Stimulate your sales and adapt your offer to increase the satisfaction and profitability of your smart fridge!

Business case

Nestor's white label application

Nestor operates OPEN IT SOLUTIONS smart fridges.

In order to allow customers to use their smart fridges in the best conditions, Nestor called on Pikizy to offer users a payment system that authorizes the use of meal vouchers. The application also allows to boost sales by sending promotional operations, new recipes or anti-waste operations.

Given this success, the "Nestor" application continues to be deployed on all the smart fridges placed in companies.
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