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How to launch a self-service grocery store? Discover Blockstore, the turnkey Amazon Go!

If we recently saw the giant Amazon set up its first Amazon Go in Europe, it is a widespread concept, especially in South Korea. Indeed, known for its innovations, the country has been regularly opening self-service stores in big cities for a few years now, new fully digitalized shops that allow to reduce costs while being able to open 24 hours a day.
In the digital age, but also in a context of economic and health crisis, the opening of a self-service grocery store would allow to drastically reduce some maintenance costs while reaching a larger customer base.

How does an automatic grocery store work?

The principle of an automatic grocery store is simple  the customer enters the store, chooses the products he needs and leaves immediately. And all this, no matter the day or the hour! To start shopping, they simply present a credit card or a payment application on their smartphone at a kiosk at the entrance of the store. Then the procedure is simple : as in a supermarket or a grocery store, you just have to fill your basket with the desired products by placing your hand on the handle of the cabinets, which will have the effect of unlocking them. Once the purchases are made, the customer leaves the store and will be debited automatically.

Blockstore, a great ally to create an automatic grocery store

Blockstore is revolutionizing the world of grocery shopping with its cutting-edge technology that allows for the management of automatic grocery stores in real time. From warehousing and inventory management to logistics and onsite operations, Blockstore is the reference infrastructure for the connected management of automated stores;
The offer is fully customized, allowing to adapt to each project in order to fully satisfy the customer by providing the necessary modules and components to efficiently meet his needs. Whether it's a question of creating a new store from scratch or completely rethinking the organization of an existing business, Blockstore responds perfectly to the different needs to ensure that merchants have total automated control;

What services does Blockstore offer?

In addition to its individual offer, Blockstore promises a simple installation, fully supported by its qualified staff as well as a real-time monitoring thanks to its Blockster platform which governs the store autonomously while offering a support service. In addition, the various technologies offered by Blockstore allow :
Track supply and inventory in real time.
To know the expiration dates in order to avoid food waste.
To avoid any theft attempt thanks to its security system.
Easily and accurately configure the entire infrastructure.