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How do you identify the right location for your connected fridge? Define your PIL

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Defining the right location to install a connected fridge is one of the most important steps in your business. Indeed, as a restaurant owner, you have control over many elements of profitability, such as your margins.

However, there are other variables related to the location of the connected fridge that can influence the success of your service. In this article, we'll discuss a few key things to consider when identifying a good location.

Factors that contribute to the success of your connected fridge

The connected fridge can be placed in private or semi-private places, i.e. a building with a controlled entrance frequented by identified people. It cannot be used in public places like train stations or bus stops for example.

However, there are still many possibilities. If we tend to think immediately of the business world, there are other places not to be overlooked such as :

  • Health institutions,
  • Institutions of higher education,
  • The administrations,
  • Sports halls,
  • Call centers
  • Swimming pools,
  • co-working spaces, etc...

The success of a connected fridge depends mainly on the following criteria:

  • The number of people who use the place,
  • The adequacy between the food offer and the typology of the people who frequent the place,
  • The number of competing solutions in the area,
  • The days and hours of operation of the location in question (for example, a business is usually open 5/7 while a hospital will need the service 7/7),
  • The ease of delivery (is it possible to deliver at night or very early in the morning? What are the best delivery times?)
  • The possibility of charging a monthly rent for the service.

Determine the right location for the connected fridge

Based on these criteria and your offering, you can now define your Ideal Location Profile (PIL) and communicate accordingly.

Location type:
According to us, the most suitable places to place your connected fridge are healthcare facilities, companies with more than 100 people and higher education institutions.
It can be relevant to specialize on a particular segment and thus become the specialist: for example, you can choose to focus exclusively on hospital catering and target only private clinics (the decision process will be faster there than in public institutions).

You can also choose to target only companies with more than 100 employees located on the outskirts of the city and having no catering solution in the vicinity.

In all cases, define a precise target and develop a speech adapted to it. You will then be identified as an expert and will be easier to convince.

The number of people who frequent the place:
The take rate of a connected fridge is 33%. This is almost 3 times more important than a classic distributor (source snacking.fr). To calculate the number of consumptions per day, you need to multiply the number of people who frequent the place every day by this take rate (33%) then by your average basket.

For example, if your average basket is 5,90€ (for a wrap + drink for example) and you place your connected fridge in a company of 100 people, your daily turnover should be on average 195€ (100 x 0,33 x 5,90€ = 194,7€).

You can get an idea of how many people frequent the place in question by looking at the number of parking spaces using Google Map for example.
We will detail other criteria to take into account in a future article.

Who to contact to place your connected fridge?

Once your Ideal Place Profile has been established, it's now time to identify the right contact to present your offer. The decision maker will vary depending on the size and type of location you are targeting.

For example, you can look for:
  • Members of the works council,
  • Human resources managers,
  • Building managers,
  • Senior executives.

Before contacting these people, plan a telephone pitch to present your solution in the most effective way possible. We will give you examples of scripts to use in future articles.

Things to remember

Developing an Ideal Location Profile is the surest way to ensure the success of your connected fridge. Once you have your Ideal Location Profile, gather as much information as possible to write a relevant sales pitch. This will multiply your chances to implement your digital canteen quickly and in the best conditions.
Do you want more information on how to set up your connected fridges? Contact us for more information!