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Reusable tableware, discover the Pikizy connected containers

Reusable tableware, discover the Pikizy connected containers

Technology now makes reusable packaging design possible. Avery Dennison, a global leader in labeling and functional materials technology, offers a range of reusable solutions for different markets, including the food service industry.

More than 90 billion packages are used per year in France, or 2,900 per second. This is mainly food-related packaging, especially for food and beverages. This figure also corresponds to 180,000 tons of packaging produced per year in the fast food sector alone. Of this considerable amount of packaging produced, only 28% of plastic packaging is recycled, unlike glass, which is recycled at over 85%.

The restaurant and food sectors are therefore the biggest producers of plastic waste, with more than 130 cups used per second in fast food, but also in coffee machines. In 2019, there were over 200 million meal deliveries, with an average of 3 disposable packaging per delivery.  

As such, the AGEC law sets a goal of 0 plastic by the year 2040 using only reusable plastic packaging. Since 2022, the reuse of cutlery and plates is mandatory. In 2023, fast food restaurants will be prohibited from using disposable tableware. Finally, in 2025, 100 % of disposable tableware will have to be recycled.
There are solutions, and Pikizy can accompany you in this transition which consists in definitively getting rid of single-use containers for your catering offer.

Is my connected fridge concerned?

If everything is not totally clear yet and the details of the concerned establishments are not exhaustive, it is strongly advised to start now to find efficient alternatives for the catering offers in companies.

This is why it is best to turn as soon as possible to a solution for the traceability of plastic packaging offered for the provision of meals. Indeed, it seems complicated to set up classic tableware which will be heavier in the delivery stages and which will thus lose its practicality.

What solution can we propose for the company catering?

For the moment, there is no solution which corresponds to the various markets and it is thus important to test in order to duplicate what works to standardize it to these markets.
The RFID is a method by radio identification that will allow to memorize and to recover data directly on labels put in place on the packaging in order to allow a good traceability and visibility of the product.

For the moment, this traceability system remains the best option for your connected fridge offer. Indeed, the RFID allows you to both distribute and reuse the dishes. Thanks to the encoding station, you can use real connected containers that can be reused over and over again! Contact us for more information.