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How to increase the profitability of your connected fridge? Discover the Pikizy application!

Management of the connected fridge
More and more companies, professionals and start-ups are choosing a connected fridge, in order to provide their employees with healthy products. The company delivers fresh or cooked food every morning directly into connected fridges and employees can then buy them directly with their smartphone or credit card. No more snacks on the go or sandwiches from the vending machine! This new generation of connected fridges is a major asset for companies and offers them a certain profitability. But how do these fridges really work and how do you make them truly profitable?

Why opt for a connected fridge for your business?

Connected fridges have multiple benefits and combine quality dishes and products in small spaces. They greatly simplify the costly installation and construction of a catering service by offering a healthy and simple kitchen to employees.
They are also ideal for restaurants and other food services that want to sell their food, but can't afford to do room service. The connected fridge also complies perfectly with current sanitary hygiene measures and is therefore particularly popular since the outbreaks of COVID-19.

Why choose the Pikizy application for your connected fridge?

The Pikizy application allows you to fully manage your connected fridge while improving your profitability. This application allows the company to enhance the value of its products by providing all the necessary information about them to its customers. Thus, there are no surprises for the consumer, as the ingredients, allergens or nutritional values of each product are mentioned and easily accessible.
In addition, the Pikizy application allows customers to pay directly with their phone by registering their credit card or restaurant vouchers and ensuring the automatic opening of the connected fridge once the payment is made. Before validating his choice, the consumer has access to all the products contained in the fridge, as well as to their description concerning the possible allergens.

As for the operator, he also has access to all the information of the connected fridge in real time and has the possibility to send e-mailing campaigns in order to communicate directly with his customers to keep them informed of the latest novelties, potential promotions or to let them know that the restocking has been done.

All these different interfaces will ensure a certain profitability for your connected fridge!