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How to install the connected fridge in a company?

Management of the connected fridge
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You are a restaurant owner and you have just found a client company in which you will install the connected fridge. Great! We're going to give you the tips on how to successfully install the connected fridge within the company.

Basically, it is some key information that will help you to take into account all the essential elements for the good installation of the fridge. It is indeed about all the human, geographical, food preferences and technical aspects.

For this, we recommend that you schedule a call with your partner. This will allow you to gather all the details you need to ensure the proper installation of the digital canteen.

The contacts of the company that will benefit from the connected fridge

As a restaurant owner, the installation of a digital canteen in a company requires the consideration of some key details. This is the relevant information about the company where you want to install the digital canteen.

Indeed, the installation of a connected fridge is simple and quick to set up. All you need is one square meter or more depending on the size of the company and an electrical outlet.

However, gathering this information will allow a good installation of the smart fridge and especially to ensure its proper functioning. Thus, we advise you to note the main contacts of your partner.

These are essentially the email addresses and telephone numbers of a few key contacts:

  • Main contact : this is the person you will be in contact with on a permanent basis for all general questions,
  • Technical contact : this is the person you can contact for any technical questions or problems,
  • Accountant's contact : this is the person you can contact to whom you will send the invoice for installation costs, subscriptions or subsidies. 

Delivery details

Pikizy digital canteen

Corporate catering has undergone real changes in recent years due to the health crisis. This has mainly accelerated the digitalization of the sector and thus influenced the different modes of delivery in companies.

When it comes to the connected fridge, there are two deliveries to consider:

  • The delivery of the fridge itself
  • The daily delivery of the food offer

Regarding the delivery of the fridge, you must first ask yourself about the ideal location of the fridge according to the number of people who will pass by it every day.

Regarding the daily delivery of the food offer, it is important to determine beforehand :

  • the optimal time to deliver (depending on the employees' schedules), 
  • the different accesses available for the delivery person,
  • the locations where cutlery, a waste garbage can, a microwave and household goods can be stored.

The food offer in the connected fridge

One of the main advantages of the connected fridge is that it allows you to quickly adapt your food offer. 

Thus, it can be judicious to circulate questionnaires before the installation in order to collect :

  • the food preferences of the employees present in the structure
  • their possible dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, pork-free,...)

It can also be interesting to find out about possible alternative offers (snacks offered by the company? presence of vending machines? competing food offers near the company?...) and to adapt the menu according to them.

In summary

If the last health crisis (Covid-19) has changed the way of life in companies, it has also accelerated the digitalization of the lunch break.

A catering solution such as the connected fridge allows to renew the catering offer in companies thanks to fresh products available 24/7. This increases employee satisfaction and therefore their productivity.

However, this type of installation requires to take into account some elements beforehand.

We are here to help you set up your connected fridge in your company, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.